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EONS Water Features

Flagstone with Petrified Wood and Beach Pebbles

EONS of Time have passed to forge the natural materials inspiring the creation of every design. 

Each Water Feature is individually designed and created with these Elements Of Nature. 

Natural elements, including a variety of rock such as Flagstone, Shale, Travertine, Beach Pebbles, Petrified Wood, Minerals, Crystals, and Semi-precious Gemstones are selected by the artist. Metals of Copper and Iron; Glass as well as Sea Shells, Driftwood, 

Living Plants, and naturally... Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. 

Each piece is artistically designed and integrated to create your Natural Water Feature at the... 

Elements Of Nature Studio.

Elements Of Nature Studio


Located among the beautiful Ponderosa Pines of the forested Arizona mountains, high above the desert, is the hamlet of Pine and our Elements Of Nature Studio. Here each Water Feature is designed and created individually by artist Lawrence Cook. All of our natural materials are gathered and procured from throughout the Southwest and Pacific Coast. Stones are often used in their original form as nature created them, others are hand-cut and shaped to design criteria. Selected elements are artistically integrated with the stone. The Rock Water Features are prepared for plumbing with a diamond embedded coring drill bit and ready to accommodate the most reliable fountain water pumps. 

Every Water Feature is tested and meticulously adjusted to obtain the desired effects. Just add water, and you are ready 

to experience the tranquility provided by your...

Elements Of Nature Studio, 

Natural Water Feature. 

About the Artist


Lawrence Cook is passionately engaged in the design and creation of Water Features as the focus of Elements Of Nature Studio. Studies in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Horticulture at the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo broadened his interests in the landscape garden profession. His singular career in Landscape and Water Feature designs and installations as principal designer and proprietor of his Landscape and Water Feature Service, provided the creative and technical skills for the creation of these artistic natural Water Features. Lawrence is deeply inspired by nature, enjoys hiking, the seashore as well as gardening and traveling with family and friends. And is especially passionate about...the design and creation of       

      EONS Water Features!


Mermaid's Treasure Grotto

Mermaid's Treasure Grotto, one of our custom Water Features with Bronze Mermaid, Redwood Burl Driftwood, Amythest, Seashells and polished Beach Pebbles. 

Wharf Piling

 Driftwood Wharf Piling of Coast Redwood with Spanish Moss, polished Beach Pebbles and Seashells  in a Copper Verdigris Patina metal vessel 

Driftwood and Sea Snail Shells with Coast Redwood Burl

Water Feature of Driftwood and Sea Snail Shells with Coast Redwood Burl and polished Beach Pebbles in a Copper Verdigris Patina metal vessel     

Elements Of Nature Studio 


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Contact the Artist

Lawrence Cook

Elements Of Nature Studio

4176 N Hwy. 87 Pine, AZ 85544-2063

(602) 620-2510

Studio Open By Appointment


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